Customized Integrated IT Services

Customized Integrated IT Services

Customized Integrated IT Services

at a flat, predictable monthly price

Your technology budget doesn’t need surprises, and your company is not the same as the one just down the street. You deserve a partner to provide customized attention to your assets, allowing you to take your mind off of the tactical day-to-day issues and focus on doing what you do best: growing your business and your brand.


A great solution always begins with asking the right questions. This includes the your driving business goals and strategies, current IT environment, policies, procedures, detailed costs, and staffing. The details from the assessment will be analyzed and result in a Integrated Services Solutions Proposal which will include a stabilization plan for optimizing your environment as well as an analysis of which solutions will help you accomplish your goals and strategies the quickest.


Management of your technical resources is key, and managing the tactical day-to-day pieces of technology can distract you from meeting your customers’ needs and growing your business up to its potential. This distraction is a non-starter and must be eliminated in order to meet your goals. Technical Account Management (TAM) is the solution that provides you with a dedicated quality of service resource who knows you, your business, and your technology. An Account Manager is also employed to verify that all business aspects of your solution are met and ensures that all Service Level Agreements are being kept.

Fine Tune

Like any fine instrument, your technology requires continual tuning to integrate it seamlessly within your business goals and objectives. To effectively grow the business, your focus needs to be on other aspects other than the fine tuning of the integrated technology solutions. Solutions alignment to your short- and long-term goals includes quarterly or semi-annual reviews to evaluate progress, giving you the peace of mind that you need while ensuring that emerging technology is implemented in the most cost-effective manner at the right time in the right circumstances.

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